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SERMONS: 2020 | 2021 | 2022

The 2019 audio sermons are BELOW this list (latest sermon to earliest).


  1. God with us

  2. What goodness God has intended for me! 
  3. What does God need to do to get your attention?  
  4. Perhaps God wants you to do it differently 
  5. Finding satisfaction 
  6. Your crisis is not your end  
  7. An unexpected rescue plan 
  8. God wants more for your life than you think 
  9. God's people are created by forgiveness 
10. God's people are created in suffering
11. Good and faithful servant 
12. God's people are created through peril
13. God's people are created by sovereign choice
14. Ishmaelites are God's people too 

15. The promise and the son  
16. The promise and circumcision
17. Destruction and hope 
18. The promise and the land 
19. Death and deliverance 
20. Origin and destiny 
21. Living a fruitful, fresh & flourishing life 
22. I Am who I Am 

23. Creation and science 

24. Death and deliverance 

25. Origin and destiny 

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