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  1. Christ from crisis 

  2. Peace from turmoil
  3. Love from indifference  
  4. Hope from despair 
  5. Faith from uncertainty  
  6. Here am l. Send me. 
  7. Loving through pain 
  8. The problem with God 
  9. Open your eyes

10. Surprised by GOD 
11. The high and low calling of GOD 
12. Between two opinions 
13. Blessing because of someone else 
14. When GOD hears from heaven 

15. Love to live by 
16. Enjoyments to live by 
17. Insights to live by 
18. Greater than Solomon 
19. Since you have asked for this  
20. Our shepherd king 
21. Finding GOD's own heart  
22. Finding forgiveness 
23. At the table of the king 
24. Your cup overflows 

25. How GOD brings out the best in you 

26. When GOD wants you to win

27. When GOD gives me what He wants 
28. When GOD gives me what I want 
29. Where is GOD when all is lost 
30. Hannah - How GOD turns your weeping into joy 
31. Samson - A disobedient servant of GOD 
32. Gideon - A fearful servant of the LORD 
33. Broken people in GOD's broken world 
34. One LORD, one faith, one baptism 

35. One hope 
36. One spirit 
37. Crossover by resurrection 
38. Crossover home 
39. Our promised king 
40. Are you a hearer or doer? 

41. GOD is a loser-friendly God 
42. The sun stood still 

43. When GOD fights for me 
44. You can always know but never guess 
45. Finding courage in unce-tain times 
46. The great sell-out 
47. Look up and find healing 
48. Be careful how you choose 
49. How GOD removes sin from my life 
50. GOD uses the willing 
51. Be careful what you asked for  


SERMONS: 2019 | 2021 | 2022

The 2020 audio sermons are BELOW this list (latest sermon to earliest).

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