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SERMONS: 2019 | 2020 | 2022

The 2021 audio sermons are BELOW this list (latest sermon to earliest).
  1. Joy when JESUS heals your sins and sorrows
  2. Joy when JESUS heals your broken spirit 
  3. Joy when JESUS heals your loneliness 
  4. Joy when GOD heals your father wound 
  5. Joy when JESUS heals your relationships 
  6. The song of protection 
  7. A prayer the LORD will answer
  8. When life doesn't go as you planned
  9. A prayer for intercession 
10. The LORD of rest 
11. Outrageous love 
12. To heal and to forgive
13. You are more than your livelihood
14. Clash of kingdoms
15. Your year of GOD's favor
16. You will never thirst again
17. Making the impossible possible
18. The ultimate sign
19. Following JESUS — what have I signed up for? 
20. Do whatever He tells you
21. Making the good decision
22. Triumph over temptations - Part 2
23. Triumph over temptations - Part 1
24. Getting it right
25. The good news I never knew
26. The JESUS I never knew
27. Brokenness and healing
28. Remember me, remember them
29. Living with passion
30. GOD among the godless
31. Looking at the one they pierced
32. The donkey-riding king
33. To cry or to celebrate
34. Return to me
35. Unfinished business
36. Come, Desire of nations
37. The road to recovery
38. The day death died
39. Darkness at noon
40. GOD rules over kings
41. GOD rules over creation
42. GOD rules over kingdoms
43. GOD stays with you
44. Dry bones come alive
45. When GOD gives me what I want
46. Joyful in calamity
47. New every morning
48. People without a moral compass
49. They will not overcome you
50. GOD's goodness in judgment
51. GOD's goodness when you fail
52. Making the most of your new year

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