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SERMONS: 2019 | 2020 | 2021

The 2022 audio sermons are BELOW this list (latest sermon to earliest).

01. CHRISTmas is GOD’s gift of love 
02. CHRISTmas is GOD’s gift of joy
03. CHRISTmas is GOD’s gift of peace
04. CHRISTmas is GOD’s gift of hope
05. LORD of the Sabbath
06. The world’s smallest but largest troublemaker
07. Look at the birds of the air
08. What I learnt from the Reformation
09. The great deception
10. The great participation
11. The great provision
12. The great aberration
13. Prayer through crisis to glory
14. Prayer as persistent petition
15. Don’t settle! Live GOD’s best
16. From unpromising start to promised end
17. Living for 100X.
18. JESUS, how do you prove yourself to me?
19. JESUS, I can’t figure it out
20. JESUS, it can’t be so easy!
21. JESUS, are you the one?
22. JESUS heals the conflicted
23. JESUS heals the possessed
24. JESUS heals the sin problem
25. JESUS heals the poor in spirit
26. The king who brings you into GOD’s favour
27. The king who frees you from your past
28. The king who gives you a new life 
29. How can I get things right in my life?
30. How can I live a life of grace?
31. Why have you forsaken me?
32. How can I live out a deep spiritual life
33. Living a life that blesses
34. Dealing with Differences Together
35. Living a blessed life 8
36. Living a blessed life 7
37. Living a blessed life 6
38. Living a blessed life 5
39. Living a blessed life 4
40. Living a blessed life 3
41. Living a blessed life 2
42. Living a blessed life
43. Living in and above the world
44. Get a new vision
45. Get a new skin

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