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About us

The ministry @theWell is based in Singapore with a worship service on-site at The Lin Ho Building, Level 2, 29 Playfair Road, Singapore 367992, and concurrently on Zoom: ID 748 066 5730, Password is PRAISEGOD.  Both services start at 9:30am.

Our Purpose is to live-out the Great Command and the Great Commission of Jesus the Messiah.

Our Vision is to live-out and proclaim the Good News of God's Kingdom in Singapore and beyond.

Our Core Values are to be: 

Our Statement of Faith

We uphold the historic Christian faith as expressed in the Apostles’ Creed, and the Nicene Creed. We have arisen from the Reformed Tradition, consequently, we uphold the Westminster Confession of Faith, and do so without prejudice towards the other confessions of the historic Christian faith.  We affirm the above to be true in our own words as follows:


  1. We believe there is only one God, the creator and sovereign over all creation.  In his essence, he is infinite, eternal and unchangeable in wisdom, power, holiness, justice, goodness and truth. In his person, he is God in three persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

  2. We believe God has spoken to us through the Bible, the collection of sixty-six books received by the historic Christian church. The Holy Spirit inspired human authors to write these books, and consequently, we hold the entire Bible to be true, not just parts of it; we hold the words to be true, not just the ideas they convey.  We submit to the authority of the Bible.

  3. We believe we are sinners through the sin of Adam and Eve, our first parents, and through our own sins.  In our sinful state, we are alienated from God and without hope.  Our life will end in death and the judgment from God that we deserve, unless we are redeemed by Jesus Christ.

  4. We believe that Jesus Christ our Lord is God in human flesh, true God and true man.  He came to redeem us from death and judgment: through his sinless life, his death on our behalf, his resurrection to life, and his inheritance of God’s eternal kingdom. 

  5. We believe our redemption from sin and death is through Jesus Christ only.  This redemption lies in the forgiveness of our sin, our resurrection from the dead, and our sharing in God’s eternal kingdom.  This gift of God, commonly called our salvation, belongs to us when we believe in the person and work of Jesus Christ, and confess that faith in baptism.

  6. We believe the Holy Spirit convicts us of our sin and draws us into God’s Kingdom.  He then indwells, sanctifies, illuminates, guides, equips, and empowers us to holy living and service.

  7. We believe that Jesus Christ will return in person to earth when he shall fully realize God’s kingdom at a time unknowable to us.

  8. We believe God’s children express their faith through the community commonly called the “Church.”  The local church is a community of believers who meet every Lord’s Day or at other times, for mutual encouragement, and the exercise of the sacraments, which are Baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

  9. We believe that Christian living must accompany our profession of faith.  Christian living is made possible through the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives.  They include: making disciples of all peoples, Christian living, service to the society at large, especially to the poor, and care for the environment.

Registration: The ministry @theWell is approved by the Singapore Registry of Society, and our UEN is: T14SS0048H.

Who we are
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Pastor Peter & Mrs Lily Eng

Lead Pastor & his wife

How can I bless you?

I think my best blessing to you would be to open up the Word of God to you. The Bible is a well that does not run dry. I want the Word of God to touch you as meaningfully and personally as it has touched me. That is, to discover both the intellectual delight in the Bible and its practical relevance to life. Many have affirmed that such is indeed God’s call for my ministry to people.

God laid a burden for me to serve him as a minister of the Gospel. I then enrolled in Far Eastern Bible College and graduated in 1979 (B Th). I am grateful for the lessons I learned through many teachers, among whom were: the late Rev Timothy Tow, Dr Quek Swee Hua, and Mr Swee Tian Hoe.  Later, the Lord led me to Grace Seminary for further studies (M Div 1985; Th M 1986).  I am grateful to all my teachers with special mention of: Dr Dave Turner, Dr John Sproule, Dr. Richard Averbeck. Still later, I had opportunity to do research in the University of Aberdeen under Dr I Howard Marshall, and further work in Princeton Seminary as a visiting scholar.

My church background is Bible-Presbyterian and I was ordained through Mount Carmel B-P Church in 1989. My connection to the Bible-Presbyterian denomination runs deep. I was converted in Zion BPC, baptized in Life BPC, served in New Life BPC, Mount Carmel BPC, etc.  My theological position can be characterized as Evangelical (compared to Liberal, Fundamental, or Pentecostal).  

In the last decade or so, I am persuaded that the biblical and practical framework for me to understand and live out my faith is “The Kingdom of God.” I have not had the privilege of studying under Bishop NT Wright, but it is through his writings that I have come to this conviction.  The calling I have @theWell is to explain and apply the Kingdom that Christ brought about when he came.

My self-introduction to you will not be complete without talking about my wife and family. Lily and I were married in 1983, and we partnered in marriage and child raising, testifying to God’s goodness and providence.  God blessed us with three kids, and they are now grown up. Even though we are based in Singapore and they in the US, we remain in close contact with them. We consider ourselves truly and richly blessed through our children, and more recently, through our son-in-law.

Daniel KOH.jpeg
Daniel Koh

Associate Director of Ministry Development

Is faith practical? How is Christianity relevant to the realities of life?

Armed with these questions (and more!) I left for Vancouver to study in Regent College in 2017. I came back to Singapore in 2019 with a certainty that faith in God is not only relevant in the world we live in, He is the answer! God is not so utterly transcendent that His reality is removed from the realities of our lives; He is Immanuel, God with us! I came back to Singapore with more than just an M.A., I came back with a desire to share with others that the Bible is still relevant, that God is, and has always been, relevant. 

Prior to my time in Regent College, I studied in the National University of Singapore (NUS), majoring in Economics and minoring in Psychology. After graduation, I worked in HR for a few years before deciding to venture to Vancouver to learn more about God. When I initially made the decision to study theology, it was to seek God and to try and make sense of how I was to live in the world I am in. Little did I know, that it would lead to a change in career.

I was fortunate to grow up in a Christian family, with parents who inspired me to love God. My growing up years were spent in church and in youth ministry, where I discovered that serving God becomes tangible through the loving of others. It was also in ministry that many of my life-long friendships were forged. It was through the support of loved ones that helped me to cling on to God in the difficult times and also aided me in making tough decisions.

It is because of where I have been that I am excited to share the hope that is Jesus Christ. My heart is especially for youths and young adults because I understand the stresses of school life and the disorientation that comes with early working life. In my speaking of Jesus, my hope is to contribute to building a place where vulnerability meets authenticity, where faith becomes reality, and where life births fruitfulness.  

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