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SERMONS: 2019 | 2020 | 2021 | 2022

Click on 2023 audio sermons ABOVE this list (latest to earliest).

01. Christ on the resurrection
02. Christ on God and Caesar
03. The cross transforms greatness
04. Why am I not weeping for the lost?
05. The cross is undesirable for the rich
06. The cross defines my marriage & singlehood
07. Celebrate the victory
08. Celebrate the sacrifice
09. The cross empowers me to forgive
10. The decision that affects you most
11. The cross explains GOD’s love for me
12. The cross identifies the enemy
13. The cross changes my goal in life
14. The cross affects how I handle money
15. Faith that moves mountains
16. The glory of the cross
17. The Chinese and the most high GOD
18. The cross you take up
19. The cross of CHRIST
20. Getting the new year right

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